In 2007 and 2008, I was in charge of the Literary Round Table. Its topics aimed to the activities of contemporary Vietnam literature. Here, we focused on the peripheral one.
What’s the Peripheral Literature? It includes Ehthnic minority literature, Overseas Vietnamese literature, Female authors, Writers who are distant from large cultural centers, and Marginalized writers – particularly Group Open Mouth’s poets.
This group came from a non-mainstream form of writing. I’m very festinating to their intentions, and I’m the first critic introducing their works on media.
You know, freedom might be more difficult to achieve if you live in a country like Vietnam. At first, peripheral literature’s works at least in part, have been accepting by the mainstream literature. But soon after, though, the curtain dropped and the media will attempt to marginalize these writers, hoping they will go away.
The struggle for peripheral literature means fighting for the position of Cham literature in the multicultural literature of Vietnam. That also is the struggle for what belong to the periphery by the postmodern de-centring sense.
Mưrak ka Kanưdha mưlang lingiu adat nan jơh mưrak ka Kanưdha mưlang Cam dalam kanưdha mưlang rilô parān di ia Biêtnām. Nan ôh karei di mưrak ka dôm haget bha mưlingiu tui thong mưnơix payah daning gah Iyơm Hadei-urak.

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