Glang Anak wrote a slim work of poetry that many generations learned by heart, misunderstanding
how could I lament with her in our mother tongue?
(Translated by Alec G. Schachner)
Freedom might be more difficult to achieve if you live in a country like Vietnam. But there is also hope for every individual; and then we can all work for it.
Many of cham people consider that Ariya Glang Anak is one of the greatest works ever written. In this work, the poet said that love will always be stronger than any racial hatred.

Glang Anak wak bbôn ariya lipih lih rilô rai anưk Cam đōm min pang xakrün yơ tablet
Habar xa-ai dut dui thong mei xap amēk?
Biak kan ka êng hatai kāl diup dalam ia yau ia Biêtnām harei ni. Min xanưng nao jāng xag hatai hu ka yāup pran mưnôxak; dôm nan ita harung gaup pacaup tamư pakār nan.
Ra-ariya hu đôm lāic tiak rumư tuk halei jāng khang bblwak di tian mưbai janük.

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