At my age of 15, I read two long poems: Ariya Glang Anak and Pauh Catwai – that would influence me later in life. These two poems used to be popular with almost all Cham people, but today I don’t know if any youngsters read and love them.
Kāl tapa 15 thun jiơng, dahlak hu pôic 2 bbôn ariya: Ariya Glang Anak thong Poh Catôi – nhu paxalih mat xanưng dahlak, tôk thit tal rai dahlak mưng nan xani. Dwa bbôn bhāp bini Cam thei jang mưhit jang thau, min urak ni hu thei urāng dalam kōr rineh dōk mong tal thong ranam ariya nan hai thoh!

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