The young Cham people move between cultures: Cham, Viet and Modern Western. They are not completely part of their parents’ culture. They may not have roots in a particular place. They do not belong to Central or West Vietnam, not Cambodia or the United States. They move between places.

They have a hard time deciding what to do with their lives. What would they do?
“They could not choose to be the child of the President of France or heir apparent to the kingdom of Brunei” (Inrasara).
According to Sartre, they were “condemned to be free”. They were ‘thrown’ into existence [Cham community], become aware of ourselves [Cham people], and have to make choices.
Why is choice of postmodernism? Because that is the choice of what belongs to the periphery, that also means the Cham community. I could imitate Sartre and say that postmodernism is a Humanism!

Kōn rineh Cham urak pađôn tathān tapa dôm ilimô: Cam, Yôn thong ia lingiu. Kōn nan ôh bha tha ilimô halei, bloh pađôn tathān dalam dôm bhumi. Rwah haget, thong rwah libik dōk halei – biak kan? Ngak habar?
“Anük ôh mưda hu rwah ngak anük ra-apan kok ia Parang, ngan taco phīk patao Brunei”.
Kōn rineh Cham gōk parah tanan (buk krām Cam], thau drei nan Cam, bha tui hatai thi rwah. Rwah Cam nan rwah Mưnôxak-iyam.

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