Over the past few years, I have regularly watched for the situation in Fukushima. Although some collect statistics indicate that the situation seems good, but according to many journalists, it is not ok at all.
The latest post on The New York Times in March this year entitled “The lonely towns of Fukushima” said so.
“Some towns may never be reoccupied… A little over 800 houses and shops have been knocked down already; another 1,280 are on a waiting list.
Most of the 21,434 people who lived in the town of Namie have put down roots elsewhere. To this day, few have returned… the people most likely to return are the elderly.
In another sign of progress, the Fukushima plans to reduce the size of the fishing zone surrounding the power plant… However, distrust of nuclear power remain high in Japan, where a majority of the public opposes nuclear power.

Dôm thun xani, dahlak hu cek mat xanưng gah rakun Fukushima. Brei ka hu tha takīk thanôn radak laic rakun siam, min tui ralô rabbāup nhu ô njaup yau nan. Tha kadha birau di abih di The New York Times dalam bilān klau thun ni angan “Jwa lingui dôm mưdin pak Fukushima” jāng mong yau nan rei.

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