In the midst of this high-born world of excess, the whole of poetics could not redeem us
in this impoverished world of utmost misery, one single line of poetry could also save us all (Translated by Alec G. Schachner)

Di krưh galalam mưda ginup thre bbe ni, tha pabên ariya ôh dong paklah truh khol ita
Di krưh dunya kathot pađāp luc puc ni, tha kanēn ariya jāng dai dong hu khol ita
Giữa thế giới giàu sang vô độ này, cả nền thơ không thể cứu chuộc chúng ta
trong thế giới nghèo túng cùng cực này, một câu thơ cũng có thể cứu vớt chúng ta

In point of fact, many of Viet and Cham are surrounded by misunderstanding, and doubt, but we have no way to aware it because there is no common voice.
I suppose that, while people look at their conflicts from the borderline and at a distance, they can think more clearly about it.
I am sure that literature can have a deep effect. It teaches us to view the world through different eyes, and we came to understand others through other cultures. All major conflicts begin with a lack of understanding.
Poetry can create understanding and hopefully help to end violence.

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