When people think of Cham, they often think of temples, or Kate festival. But I am aware not only Cham art is important; literature is, too.
Where is the Cham literature?
Solving this problem is a really difficult thing for someone like me. Not only because I have never written any research paper before, but also because reference materials on Cham literature are very rare.
It does not matter! I spent all my youth wandering throught the most of Cham villages to collect manuscripts, then study and write to realize my own aspiration.
Finally, after 24 years of work, I achieved my goal. In 1995, “The literature of Champa: Outline and selections” of over 1,000 pages were published.
Almost of all Cham people have never seen a literary collective like that before.
Although the research books were hard to sell, I decided to print 2,000 copies per volume. Most of these ones are the gifts for Cham readers.
I hope that this volume of literature will bring a spiritual value to every Cham family.
Đôm tal Cam, urāng bhian xanưng tal bimông kalan ngan Katê. Tui dahlak, lingiu di nan, Cam dōk hu kanưdha mưlang jāng biak brāng.
Kanưdha mưlang Cham pak halei?
Lāng yah hu kanēn tanhi ni biak kan thong mưnux yau dahlak. Ôh njaup dahlak ka ô wak kadha halei dahlau di nan, bloh njaup laic êng harak agal gah kanưdha mưlang Cam karāng lihik rilô pajơ.
Min ôh mưda get! Dahlak mưrāt tian klāk abih thun dam drei nao rah di graup palei Cam piơh rôh patōm, pawah, mưgru thong wak – thumu thong tian drei takrư.
Puic di abih, tapa 24 thun talah, dahlak tamat hu kaxat drei. Di thun 1995, Kanưdha Mưlang Cam – Harung Pacan Thong Rôh Patōm 1.000 binah tabiak di thāng īn. Bbôn tapuk mưdrơh yau nan mưng dêh xani anük Cam ka ô hu bbôh.
Brei ka tapuk rôh dwah biak kan thi pablei dalam kāl ni, min dahlak jāng cong īn 2.000 blah yāup bbôn. Rilô blah dalam nan jơh kaya alin ka bhāp bini Cam.
Dahlak cong di tian, Kanưdha mưlang ni ba tha lingai mưnơix nao tal yāup mưnga wôm anük Cam.

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